Group territory research


This week’s assignment was a group project- Astrid, Morgan, and I were assigned a section of the line (section 15) and had to do a total of nine explorations. Three explorations to measure the line, three explorations to gather research on the line, and three explorations to generate new knowledge from the line.


(1) We measured the line in different dance poses. Morgan posed throughout the length of our section.

(2) We measured the line with one of my favorite songs- “Feeling This” by Blink-182. It played about 3 times in our section.

(3) We measured how many different trees were included in the width and length of the line in our section. We lost count after multiple tries. (boo)


(1) We collected about 30 different sounds of us interacting with nature by making noises. Some noises were completely human generated while others were in collaboration with trees, leaves, branches, etc.

(2) We researched different methods of traveling the line to see which was best (it was still walking). Different methods included skipping, hopping, rolling, somersaulting.

(3) We ventured into the woods at night (heard some scary noises, saw some scary wildlife) and researched different ways to experience the line- we decided to make it more challenging by walking at night and disabling ourselves. Morgan walked in heels, Astrid was tied at her hands and feet, and I was blind-folded.

Generation of New Knowledge:

(1) Morgan walked with a mirror in front of her so she could experience the line behind her while walking forward.

(2) Each of us climbed a tree and sat at the top for a while in order to see the line from a different (higher) perspective.

(3) We went camping!!! This allowed us to experience the line at night (which was really scary) and also gave us an amazing opportunity to watch Sunday’s lunar eclipse.

Here’s the link to our video on youtube! Check it out:


The proposals


Materials: Sugar, Sweet smelling perfume, markers, human body(s)

Where: The forest part of the line (AU SIDE)

Process: First, mix together the sugar and the sweet smelling perfume, and then spray the humans body all over. Next, hike into the woods and find a nice dense place to lay down. Once the resting area is found, lay there for a few hours, take a nap, listen to some tunes, do something to make the hours go by, and distract yourself from being eaten alive by insects like mosquitos. Once the person has enough bug bites, or literally can not take it any longer, go home, take a shower, and wait a few hours. When the bugbites are nice and big and irritated get the marker, and make constellations by connecting them together. Name the constellations. Have fun with it. Check for ticks. Try not to scratch your “stars” too much.


Bonus: Get a ton of people to do this, and make a “night sky”

Campfire Song Song

Materials: ???

Where: Wherever (on the line of course)

Process: So people usually sit around campfires with a guitar and sing corny songs. The object is to get a group of people, and write a quick lil song that sounds like it should be sung around a campfire. Then using only materials on the line, make the music to the song (it doesn’t have to be anything too intricate) and then sing the song your group wrote with the instrumental you made. It’ll be real fun I promise.



Materials: ???

Where: The end of the line (AU Side)

Process: Good old camping out, with a twist. Everyone is only allowed to bring one item (no tents) and it has to be something they are willing to carry for the entire hike to the line. The goal is to have everyone put all of their items together and create some sort of shelter that they can spend 1 night in and not like, die. Also if they don’t want to suffer from being hungry, some people can bring food, water etc. but still only one item. So basically it’s gonna be roughin it.

Here’s an example of what a comfy tent might look like:



So this week in foundations we were assigned a project pertaining to collections. We discussed the word, and what it meant to us and ways that we could make collections. The assignment we were given was to walk the line and make three collections based off of the word we were given that week, mine being circle. I really enjoyed this project because I was lucky enough to do it with my mom by my side. She was visiting, and we got to hike the line together and she helped me find things for my collection and helped me brainstorm ideas.

My favorite collection is actually not necessarily made of circles, but it’s the one I expanded and thought about the most. I collected twigs and sticks from all over the line and made it into a circle. IMG_3807

My idea for this was to use a visual that can be interpreted by the viewer in their own personal way. Circle is a very loaded word, it can mean something as simple as a shape, or something as symbolic as life or friendship. I didn’t want to make the circle out of the items from my other collection because most of the items would have influenced the viewer (and mostly in a negative way) ((most of my other collection is full of things that aren’t good for you like alcohol and tobacco)) I wanted to make something simple that anyone could portray the way the saw it however they liked. I’m very pleased with how this came out.

The next collection I made was a collection of tangible items that I could physically take right from the line. Most of them were disgusting objects like old crushed beer cans, cans of chew, and an old rusty hub cap. (These were mostly from the part of the line that had civilization.) When I started to get into the more wild side of the line, I found objects like berries and rocks and leaves. This is what some of the objects look like arranged in a circle (haha.)


The last collection I made was of circles that I could not take with me so these were things I took pictures of. Here are a few of them:



In foundations, we spent a class talking about collections, and how collections correlate with art. We were all asked to pick a word from from a container and then go out into Alfred and make a collection of items that match the word. I got stuck with the word “Treasure.” At first I was kinda pissed off because how does one collect treasure? I’m not a pirate, and I’m in the middle of a small town. Then I thought of the saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure” SO naturally I walked around and picked up trash off the streets for an hour. (Also shout out to me for being ecofriendly and making art simultaneously.)

Also, I found out that someone else had the same word that I did. IMG_3761

AND she had the same idea of one mans trash being another treasure. We put our collections together and got a little something like this:


After collecting trash I realized that the people of Alfred don’t litter a whole lot, and if they do, it’s mostly tobacco, alcohol, and food. (so college)


Today I was asked to choose a word off a wall full of miscellaneous words with no knowledge of what this word would hold in store for me. I was one of the last people to reach the wall so I ended up with the word “Circle.” I’m actually pretty content with this word, because I found out that this word would be “my word” for the rest of the line project. Compared to some of the other words, this is a basic word that holds a lot of meaning. My task today was simply to define this word, ponder it a little, and see how it could be interpreted in different ways. I spent some time today looking at things that are circles, and out of the fifty something pictures, I chose a few of them and then made a collage around the definition. FullSizeRender-5

The Line (week 1)

This week we started a project called “The Line” This line is a 1 mile long line that is five feet wide and it stretches from The very end of Alfred university, to the other end of Alfred state. I was instructed to learn this line like the back of my hand, so this past week I have been walking back and forth on the line conducting “explorations.”

All together they look like this:


The first Exploration I did was I wrote a list of ten things I noticed/felt:


The second exploration I did was over a couple of days, I found paint swatches to match some of the things I found all over the line.

FullSizeRender-4 (3)

The third exploration I did was I noticed how nature resembles life, and I created my own eye out of leaves that resembled the color of my eyes:


The final exploration that I did was I used things I found on the line as pigments and smeared them on paper:

IMG_3722 (2)

The line is a very different and interesting project. I don’t necessarily enjoy walking it in the rain and cold, but I love getting out of the “classroom” and exploring. So far these explorations have shown me how to see things in a new light, and I look forward to finding out and discovering new things about my new home.

Personal Territory

If you’re reading this, I assume that you already know what this project is all about, but if you’ve stumbled across this page and don’t understand at all what this project is I will go ahead and enlighten you (mom). I was given an assignment to pick out my own personal territory and make a series of explorations in this space, as tall as me vertically and horizontally. The place I chose is right outside of Alfred’s campus, its an old abandoned building that used to be called south hall. Here are the directions I gave:

Scan 19

and this is where they will be sitting:

IMG_8279 FullSizeRender-6

I was also told to make some observations, learn a few things, and really get to know about my personal territory. Here are some things I figured out/thought about while sitting on my throne (aka the concrete steps in front of the doors.) ((These are scans of the fronts and backs of photos I took))

PicMonkey Collage 1

PicMonkey Collage 2

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage 4

PicMonkey Collage 5

PicMonkey Collage 6

While sitting on the steps of what was once south hall, I did some research on the building, here are my findings.

PicMonkey Collage 2.1

PicMonkey Collage 2.2

PicMonkey Collage 2.3

Pretty interesting stuff. Another part of the assignment was to give my fellow explorers a tool and an activity to do while they got to know my territory. This is what I gave them:

Scan 20

Here is the song they were instructed to listen to:

HauntedHouse – Oh!Hello 

Here are their tools:


and here is the fashionable bindle I made them for all the tools, photos, etc. that I provided:


I really enjoyed this project, and I hope whoever is chosen to take a tour of my territory enjoys it as much as I did.