The Line (week 1)

This week we started a project called “The Line” This line is a 1 mile long line that is five feet wide and it stretches from The very end of Alfred university, to the other end of Alfred state. I was instructed to learn this line like the back of my hand, so this past week I have been walking back and forth on the line conducting “explorations.”

All together they look like this:


The first Exploration I did was I wrote a list of ten things I noticed/felt:


The second exploration I did was over a couple of days, I found paint swatches to match some of the things I found all over the line.

FullSizeRender-4 (3)

The third exploration I did was I noticed how nature resembles life, and I created my own eye out of leaves that resembled the color of my eyes:


The final exploration that I did was I used things I found on the line as pigments and smeared them on paper:

IMG_3722 (2)

The line is a very different and interesting project. I don’t necessarily enjoy walking it in the rain and cold, but I love getting out of the “classroom” and exploring. So far these explorations have shown me how to see things in a new light, and I look forward to finding out and discovering new things about my new home.


2 thoughts on “The Line (week 1)

  1. Chessy, I found The Line on Google completely by mistake. I was so impressed as to what you saw and felt on this walk. Really makes one observant. That could have been on for a long time. I am going to be checking google because I am not on facebook. Love to you, Marie Clements


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