In foundations, we spent a class talking about collections, and how collections correlate with art. We were all asked to pick a word from from a container and then go out into Alfred and make a collection of items that match the word. I got stuck with the word “Treasure.” At first I was kinda pissed off because how does one collect treasure? I’m not a pirate, and I’m in the middle of a small town. Then I thought of the saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure” SO naturally I walked around and picked up trash off the streets for an hour. (Also shout out to me for being ecofriendly and making art simultaneously.)

Also, I found out that someone else had the same word that I did. IMG_3761

AND she had the same idea of one mans trash being another treasure. We put our collections together and got a little something like this:


After collecting trash I realized that the people of Alfred don’t litter a whole lot, and if they do, it’s mostly tobacco, alcohol, and food. (so college)


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