So this week in foundations we were assigned a project pertaining to collections. We discussed the word, and what it meant to us and ways that we could make collections. The assignment we were given was to walk the line and make three collections based off of the word we were given that week, mine being circle. I really enjoyed this project because I was lucky enough to do it with my mom by my side. She was visiting, and we got to hike the line together and she helped me find things for my collection and helped me brainstorm ideas.

My favorite collection is actually not necessarily made of circles, but it’s the one I expanded and thought about the most. I collected twigs and sticks from all over the line and made it into a circle. IMG_3807

My idea for this was to use a visual that can be interpreted by the viewer in their own personal way. Circle is a very loaded word, it can mean something as simple as a shape, or something as symbolic as life or friendship. I didn’t want to make the circle out of the items from my other collection because most of the items would have influenced the viewer (and mostly in a negative way) ((most of my other collection is full of things that aren’t good for you like alcohol and tobacco)) I wanted to make something simple that anyone could portray the way the saw it however they liked. I’m very pleased with how this came out.

The next collection I made was a collection of tangible items that I could physically take right from the line. Most of them were disgusting objects like old crushed beer cans, cans of chew, and an old rusty hub cap. (These were mostly from the part of the line that had civilization.) When I started to get into the more wild side of the line, I found objects like berries and rocks and leaves. This is what some of the objects look like arranged in a circle (haha.)


The last collection I made was of circles that I could not take with me so these were things I took pictures of. Here are a few of them:



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