The proposals


Materials: Sugar, Sweet smelling perfume, markers, human body(s)

Where: The forest part of the line (AU SIDE)

Process: First, mix together the sugar and the sweet smelling perfume, and then spray the humans body all over. Next, hike into the woods and find a nice dense place to lay down. Once the resting area is found, lay there for a few hours, take a nap, listen to some tunes, do something to make the hours go by, and distract yourself from being eaten alive by insects like mosquitos. Once the person has enough bug bites, or literally can not take it any longer, go home, take a shower, and wait a few hours. When the bugbites are nice and big and irritated get the marker, and make constellations by connecting them together. Name the constellations. Have fun with it. Check for ticks. Try not to scratch your “stars” too much.


Bonus: Get a ton of people to do this, and make a “night sky”

Campfire Song Song

Materials: ???

Where: Wherever (on the line of course)

Process: So people usually sit around campfires with a guitar and sing corny songs. The object is to get a group of people, and write a quick lil song that sounds like it should be sung around a campfire. Then using only materials on the line, make the music to the song (it doesn’t have to be anything too intricate) and then sing the song your group wrote with the instrumental you made. It’ll be real fun I promise.



Materials: ???

Where: The end of the line (AU Side)

Process: Good old camping out, with a twist. Everyone is only allowed to bring one item (no tents) and it has to be something they are willing to carry for the entire hike to the line. The goal is to have everyone put all of their items together and create some sort of shelter that they can spend 1 night in and not like, die. Also if they don’t want to suffer from being hungry, some people can bring food, water etc. but still only one item. So basically it’s gonna be roughin it.

Here’s an example of what a comfy tent might look like:



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