Group territory research


This week’s assignment was a group project- Astrid, Morgan, and I were assigned a section of the line (section 15) and had to do a total of nine explorations. Three explorations to measure the line, three explorations to gather research on the line, and three explorations to generate new knowledge from the line.


(1) We measured the line in different dance poses. Morgan posed throughout the length of our section.

(2) We measured the line with one of my favorite songs- “Feeling This” by Blink-182. It played about 3 times in our section.

(3) We measured how many different trees were included in the width and length of the line in our section. We lost count after multiple tries. (boo)


(1) We collected about 30 different sounds of us interacting with nature by making noises. Some noises were completely human generated while others were in collaboration with trees, leaves, branches, etc.

(2) We researched different methods of traveling the line to see which was best (it was still walking). Different methods included skipping, hopping, rolling, somersaulting.

(3) We ventured into the woods at night (heard some scary noises, saw some scary wildlife) and researched different ways to experience the line- we decided to make it more challenging by walking at night and disabling ourselves. Morgan walked in heels, Astrid was tied at her hands and feet, and I was blind-folded.

Generation of New Knowledge:

(1) Morgan walked with a mirror in front of her so she could experience the line behind her while walking forward.

(2) Each of us climbed a tree and sat at the top for a while in order to see the line from a different (higher) perspective.

(3) We went camping!!! This allowed us to experience the line at night (which was really scary) and also gave us an amazing opportunity to watch Sunday’s lunar eclipse.

Here’s the link to our video on youtube! Check it out:


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