Blackout poem part II

So the idea of this was to choose one of our poems and show it to the world in a public place (in a non-permanent way of course.)

I chose the poem that went like this;

“[after the funeral] our gloomy future rushed through the door, mad enough to shut the door we altered the frame.”



I made tons of very small (like thumb sized) pieces of paper with my poem on it and planned on sticking them to doors all around campus/main street. I put on all black clothes, sunglasses, and prepared to sneakily place these so that I would not be recognized. I managed to get two on doors in my residence hall. Then I walked to almost all of the buildings on campus. I GOT YELLED AT SO MANY TIMES. So I realized “I should probably start asking if I can place these on doors.” I did exactly that. Not only did almost everyone I asked say no, most of them were extremely rude about it as if I was asking to spray paint it in huge letters, not stick a tiny piece of paper to their door with packing tape. So heres a list of the places I successfully snuck my poem to the doors of:

-Reimer Hall


-Miller Theatre





Now two days later only four survive…

The two in Reimer and the two in Cohen. Art is hard.




This assignment was pretty straight forward; pick out a book, black out some words in strategic ways until you get some poetry. It was actually kinda hard, but fun. Heres what I came up with:

One thing I struggled with is that I really enjoy writing poetry so it was hard for me to make poetry from someone else words. I found myself trying to find words that were simply not on the pages to finish off sentences the was I wanted them to sound.